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God's master plan: unlocking the mystery of the seven feasts of Israel - Spring Leaf Books

God's master plan: unlocking the mystery of the seven feasts of Israel

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The Rapture and The Second Coming of Christ – are they the same event or are they different events? Is the second coming pre-tribulation or post-tribulation, pre-millennial or post-millennial? These questions and many more occupy an important place in the speculations of the philosophers and theologians. Yet God's own word commands us to know the signs of the times, to remain watchful and to be ready.

Every book of the New Testament points us to the return of Christ and urges us to live in such a way as to be always ready for that return; (Matt.16:27); (Rev.1:7). This same lively expectation of Christ's return should mark the church of Jesus Christ today. The Church must live in the light of this expectation.

The wonder of God's amazing revelation in scripture is that not only has He spoken directly of His plan for mankind, but He has also given us some beautiful pictures of His plan of redemption embedded within the precepts of the Mosaic Law. Understanding these prophetic pictures should not just amaze us, they should inform and reassure us that God's plan of redemption through Jesus Christ has unfolded perfectly and will continue to do so.

Michael Taylor brings to the study of Biblical prophecy and eschatology a maturity that is rare among contemporary work on the subject. This book is a straightforward exploration of God's master plan as revealed in the Seven Feasts. As you study what the word of God says about these matters, it will stir in your heart an earnest longing for Christ's return as well as to live expectantly until He comes again.

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