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Coming Second - Spring Leaf Books

Coming Second

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Coming second is never easy, and when close family members who should support you seem to show their disapproval or put you down, then it can seem like all the odds are stacked against you.

Mollie is the second child in her family and from a very young age she was made to feel inadequate. Her mother showed her disappointment at having a second daughter instead of a son. This made Mollie develop an inferiority complex and a stammer.

When Mollie left school she took a secretarial course, and worked in a typing pool. In her spare time she wrote stories; something she had been good at in school. She sent her stories to magazines, eventually getting some published. She wanted to write a full length book and she found a part time job so that she would have more time to write.

Mollie has big dreams but it appears that they will not see the light of day. Unforeseen circumstances come her way, will this eventually bring her to the lime-light, and will she ever gain the respect and approval of her mother?

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