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Inspector Doyle Daly: The Rise and Fall of the Phoenix - Spring Leaf Books

Inspector Doyle Daly: The Rise and Fall of the Phoenix

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The city of Dublin in the mid 1980’s was a dark place. Organised crime gangs ran amok, terrorism was rife and corruption seemed to exist at every level of public office. Amidst all these one man shone like a beacon through the night sky; Inspector Doyle Daly.

Doyle and his small team of dedicated police officers known as the Special Investigation Unit handled the cases that had remained unsolved or appeared to be wrongly convicted. The Unit were disliked throughout the force as they had unlimited powers and often turned the spotlight onto corrupt policemen. Doyle and the SIU would stop at nothing to hunt down their quarry.

‘The Rise and Fall of the Phoenix’ follows the hunt for a serial killer who taunts the police by leaving clues which inform of his next victim. Doyle takes the case after several murders and a wrongful conviction which sees the killer still on the loose and with all the same trademarks. This is a fast paced thriller which takes the reader into the world of everyday policing and camaraderie between like minded officers. Meet Doyle Daly, a politically incorrect giant of a man who gets results and doesn’t care who he upsets to reach his goal.

This is the first in a series of books featuring Inspector Doyle Daly.

Follow the team through the series of books.

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