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Born 2 Rule: Memoirs of Frederick III - Spring Leaf Books

Born 2 Rule: Memoirs of Frederick III

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From a lowly orphan, to one of the world’s most respected and influential people, Robert Holstein lived a life we all knew very well. He was no stranger to attention and controversy during a public career spanning eleven decades.

Would the question behind his astounding fortune, logically predicted to be well into the billions, be finally answered? We all know too well of the adored statesman the world had revered once upon a time, but do we really know of the man behind the camera?

This is an account narrated by the great leader himself before his death in 2001, which includes accounts of how he found his first-love Helena, how his beloved Juliana came to be Queen Juliana, and how he coped with their loss.

History comes to life in this story of the orphan who became king. 15-year old author, Kevin Konomanyi, passionately brings this account to life with a cast of unforgettable historical characters in an inspiring story of political intrigue, courage and determination, love and loss.

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