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Earning a Crust - Logic doesn’t come into it - Spring Leaf Books

Earning a Crust - Logic doesn’t come into it

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My literary efforts covering my experiences as a National Serviceman in the 1950s (A Reluctant Recruit) generated such a favourable reception. So much so that I embarked on a second, more or less true, account of my life as a typical boy growing up in the thirties and forties (Call Me Valentine). This is my third book, completing the trilogy. It is the account of what happened to me after leaving the Royal Air Force; it is the story of a long, and mainly happy, interesting working career.
On leaving the RAF I took up my old position in the jig and tool drawing office and tried to settle down again into the business of ‘earning a crust’. I soon became bored with my job as a Jig and Tool designer and sought a change to the up and coming world of computer programming. The logical progression in this field was promotion to Systems Analyst and I held this position for almost twenty years prior to my retirement in 1988 and discovered that Logic doesn’t come into it.
I have attempted in ‘Earning a Crust’ to show the lighter side of business life and I hope that you, dear reader, will be entertained by my experiences.

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