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Private Lives - Spring Leaf Books

Private Lives

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One man three lives two wars and a terrorist plot spread over three centuries. New York industrialist Charlie Parker tries to dismiss flashbacks to his earlier lives as a rifleman in the Napoleonic wars and a RAF pilot in the 1940 Battle of Britain as mental aberrations. Right now he needs to concentrate on why his youngest daughter has been abducted by Al-Qa’ida terrorists. She was kidnapped a few weeks before the family Trust Company is holding its Centenary Celebration at Carnegie Hall. There has to be a link but so far the security forces have been unable to come up with an answer. But no-matter how he tries to ignore them the flashbacks increase in intensity until he finds himself living past and present almost simultaneously. Determined to discover once and for all if any proof exists that might verify these aberrations, he flies to England to explore the area where the last life took place.

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