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Read and Soar

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‘Read & Soar’ is about the many benefits and joys of reading for adults and kids and how to get children to enjoy reading from an early age so they can achieve more at school. Research shows that a love of reading is more important for a child’s educational success than their family’s wealth or class. Between the covers of a book exists a sort of paradise, reading is able to catapult you from your daily existence to a different world in the twinkling of an eye…  Where will your reading adventure take you?



‘A  truly inspirational book, full of very quotable quotes about books and reading. Very readable, it makes an ideal handbook for parents, with hints and tips on how to motivate children to read. It also considers ways in which reading empowers the individual and the benefits of reading to health and wellbeing. A treasure chest of ideas for those working with children and young people, it will ring many bells with professionals who seek to promote reading in all its aspects.’

Delyth Humphreys, National Year of Reading 2008 Wales Coordinator


'Read, soar and fly away! This is what the author entreats us to do from the very first page of this book. This book is full of reasons why reading is a must for all –babies, children and adults. Reading will extend our imagination, bring our dreams to life and enrich our vocabulary.

In the first seven chapters, the author draws on extensive research to answer our questions on ‘why read’? The quotes on reading, including those of great men and women through the ages further gives credence to the fact that reading has always been recognized as a quality and life changing activity for everyone.

Chapters 8 and 9 tackle the all important challenge of getting our children and youth to read. Many parents and carers have run out of reasons and explanations to encourage their youngsters to read. Like me, you should memorize every word in this section and thus armed, return to battle. The results this time will be amazing.’

 Esther Okwok, College Librarian, London


‘The author makes an impassioned plea to you through these pages to take reading seriously. She reminds us of how reading has the potential to shape and enhance our thinking, to guide us, people of all ages, to achieve our full potential. In this modern age of electronic entertainment, a challenge comes to pick up books and improve ourselves and our children.

This is a wonderfully refreshing voice against the backdrop of 24-7 T.V.’

Graham Reilly, Primary School Teacher, Sidcup Kent



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Customer Reviews

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