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Star Chamber

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The more they talked about youth crime and the spate of gun and knife killings in their area, the more frustrated and helpless Terry, Barrington and Jerry; three long time friends feel. They realise that the ‘authorities’ are only paying lip service to these problems. Just like them, it is the topic of conversations, but it seems that everyone is waiting for someone else to act.

Barrington, the Prosecuting Lawyer, sees this first hand in his practice as so many are let off with simple smack on the wrists. He begins to realise that something more radical needs to be done to protect the community.
Terry, the youth worker, becomes more and more frustrated as his efforts to ‘save’ young people in the community continue to fail amidst the fear of crime. The unprovoked attack on one of his charges forces him to re-consider his methods.

Jerry is a successful business man and player, who is having problems relating with his teenaged son.
These three friends decide to do something about the problems and set themselves up as a vigilante group. The Star Chamber is formed to ‘regulate’ and ‘reform’ those causing harm to the community. They utilise Ezekiel 25:17 from the Bible as their mantra and charter as justification for their actions.

They set off on a ferocious spree to rid the streets of those they perceive as causing the problems, leading to a brutal and lethal conclusion none of them are prepared for.

This stunning and startling novel from the pen of A L James looks into the world of street crime and how it affects all in the community and asks – Is this what it is going to take to keep our streets and youths safe.

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