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The Daisy Chain - Spring Leaf Books

The Daisy Chain

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What life throws at you in childhood can shape your character and personality for life; it can mould you and take you to dark places. Sometimes the only way to tackle these awful experiences is to face them head on.
Daisy is young and determined. Her relationship with her mother, Joanne is a difficult one. She has a deep need to understand her mother and feels the only way to do this is to find out what led to the breakdown of her parents’ marriage. Daisy’s father, Richard has also made mistakes in his marriage and almost paid the price no father wants to pay.
Katherine, her grandmother, is the key to the truth but what Daisy finds out is more shocking than she could have imagined and proves to be a real test of her love for both her parents. Katherine has always known Daisy would want to know about her parents’ marriage but could not have foreseen just how much telling the story would affect both Daisy and herself.
Sometimes we have to go backwards in order to progress. Truth is the only way forward for all concerned, but love is the ultimate key in this stirring story of a family, torn and mended by events both preventable and beyond their control.

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