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The Flame Lily Weeps - Spring Leaf Books

The Flame Lily Weeps

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This unique autobiography describes the life of a white Zimbabwean growing up in Rhodesia, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia and subsequently after the attainment of independence on 18th April 1980, in Zimbabwe, and, thereafter, his move and settling in the UK. It provides a comfortable, quick read and is not meant to be an exhaustive, family, historical or political account. Instead, it was born from a desire to reveal and elucidate the perspectives and truth of poignant issues in the country’s transition from a British colony to an independent, one-party state. This book gives an insight into the build up to the political and economic anarchy that has thrown Zimbabwe into a financial abyss and that transformed the bread basket of Africa – a one time flourishing country into a land ravaged by hunger, disease and poverty. Highly Recommended!

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