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The Revelation of Jesus Christ - Spring Leaf Books

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

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This book was originally given as a series of studies by the author during his time as Pastor of Sharon Full Gospel Church, Pontypool.

Readers will find this book is easy to read and understand. Although not intended as a technical commentary, it contains sufficient detail for the reader to form a good understanding of the last book of the Bible. Scholarly arguments about interpreting the text have been left out and only the clearest possible interpretation is given.

It is of particular note that the author takes the book as a literal as well as a symbolic vision of future events and does great justice to the understanding of Biblical writing by rejecting modern ideas that attempt to explain away the acts of God by natural means. Take for example the animation of the statue of Anti-Christ in chapter 13, of which the author asserts, “This will not be effected by trickery, robotics, or televised media, but by an appalling manifestation of Satanic power, imparting demonic life to the statue of the beast.”

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