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Trawlers and Trawler Folk - Spring Leaf Books

Trawlers and Trawler Folk

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Ernest's second book follows on from the story told in St Vincent’s Home Boys. It traces his adventures in the Humber fishing fleet between the wars.

Following family tradition Ernest signed up on a trawler bound for Icelandic waters. Thus his career in the fishing industry began by working from the city of Kingston upon Hull in several vessels such as the Thomas Hardy and the Cape Barfleur. Enduring the hardships of year-round deep sea fishing in the North Sea and off Iceland and Greenland, Ernest developed a deep love of the sea and the natural beauties around him, while observing with wry humour the human stories and characters of his crew-mates. This book also describes the profound changes in the fishing industry that took place during Ernest’s years at sea.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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